Exceptional performance on Limoges II, 1 ° Prov. with 'Armando'


After the top performances from the provincial flight from Tours, Limoges and Brive same racing team got the chance to confirm again on Limoges II. It was a difficult but also a good flight light variable wind from a north-westerly direction. 
It was our ' Aromando ' (1st issued) who first reached the finish line, and how! After 8hrs and 52-minute flight and a local lap of honor to have made, he was clocked at 15u52min10sec. Good for a 1161.10 speed meters per minute. Also good for a 1st prize National provincial and 2 the price on 9102 old birds. After this performance he is also called ' Armando ' now for title candidate national ACE pigeon on the long distance races.
Our 2nd arrived pigeon was "Contador ' (3rd issued) and after just half a minute tumbled our ' Barry ' (2nd issued) from the air. Well for 15th and 16th place national. The question now is whether we can ever be redoing??

First provincial price from CAHORS with 'NOPRI'


The prestigious Cahors was a successful flight. Not a small something that the pigeons were flying slower than the earlier races that day. After some time waiting came so our 1st Nopri ' volatile ' issued in order to obtain the highest scaffold at provincial level. He obtained a rate of 1183.3412 metres/minute over a distance of 727.321 km.
The same evening, we clocked two minutes later only a thick an early dove from Pau. Good for a regional victory and a 5th provincial place!
Our ' Nopri ' comes back from our base breeder ' AS ', namely a grandson. Father of ' Nopri ' is ' Biter ' and was itself a miracle kite with a.o. 1st price from Tulle and in that same year 1st prize from Bordeaux. 
(For the pipa report click here.)


Top performance from Brive


Super sensation on the sunny Saturday afternoon. We really a squatter of format with the 1st and 2nd drawn inside the top-10 national and 6 pigeons to 68 in the national price forecasts, with a total of 9 prizes of 11 entries. A real world results!
It was the same team who after Tours and Limoges, now at Brive was deployed. It was a tough but fair flight in Sun-drenched summer weather with head wind. Display of power, resulting in the following figures:
Brive: 2-3-7-8-11-12-24-34-43 (9/11) local 236 old

Prov 1,624 old: 4-5-14-16-36-37-114-182-244 (9/11, prognosis)

NAT. 9,123 old: 9-10-26-32-67-68 ... (9/11, prognosis)
Again, it was the 1st and 2nd drawn, with Barry and Armando, who was the first in the clock strike in places 9 and 10 national! That Barry took revenge for his brilliantly Miss from Limoges. In addition, both valve press tribes from the same breeding couple, and have already a great Palmares behind their name ...
(Click here for in-depth report from pipa.)


2016 in a nutshell


A process that also forms the basis for the steep advance of our colony. After years of selective line breeding to a success, beaches we are getting back down on our golden stock bear ' As '. This success vein lies at the basis of a phenomenal range of victories and title gain, including 3 x 1st National victories, 2 x Champion of Belgium KBDB, multiple 2nd General titles of General champion Inter-Westvlaamse, national ACE pigeons and much more. A success vein that ensures continuity in our peak performance, which again resulted in 2016 in these beautiful series that the international spotlight were extracted:
-1st National Pau 2016-1,661 d. with Suzanne
-1st Best yearling national long distance races, with Belgium's 2016 3 Jip
-1st provincial ACE pigeon long distance KBDB Yearlings West-Vl 2016, with Jip
-3rd National ACE pigeon long distance KBDB Yearlings 2016, with Jip
-1st General champion Inter West Flemish 2016
-1st General champion Rekkem 2016 (for the 5th time in 6 years)
-1st provincial Chateauroux against 2,791 young 2016, with Eddy III
-14th General champion of Belgium KBDB-2016

3° National ACE pigeon KBDB long distance jaalingen with 'JIP'

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3rd National acepigeon KBDB long distance yearlings or better yet the 1 ° place on the pipa-ranking ' Best yearlings pigeon on long distance and long distance '-4 prices ... This accomplished our new klepper "JIP". Our yearlings doffer comes back from our ' F-line x Dean/Campbell. 
For more info: click on this article.

Top Weekend!


Top prizes at national level with "Contador", "Jip", etc..


The 'AS-Line' the basis for 3 national winners !


Success in the pigeon sport search is not an easy job. It is sometimes in a small corner and is often based on an excellent family. Pigeons that top performance link to dominant breeding properties. It is no different for us, with a leading role for the 'AS' BE04-3176837.
Our ' AS ' emerged to the superstar on our breeding loft. He became so here at our father of following racing and breeding talents:
-Harry: 8th NAT. ACE pigeon long distance KBDB 2014 and this weekend is still good for a 46th NAT. Montauban 4,327 's pigeons. 
As 1: father of super hen Femke 
As 2: father of Betsie
428/10: Mother-Daughter As Agen (1st NAT. Agen-
-Aske 1: mother Cees (1st NAT. Brive)
-Eva: mother Noë (1st Prov. Tulle 2015)
-Aske 3: grandmother Noë (1st Prov. Tulle 2015)
-Aske 2: mother Suzanne (1st NAT. Pau 2016)

FIRST Price National PAU with 'Suzanne'


We clocked our winner (second drawn pigeon) Suzanne to 20u27 ' 35 "on a from 890.024 km, which is the highest average speed in Belgium meant with 1223.2438 m/min. Also signed our first drawn present and will place on 373 national has been awarded 4 stars.
The third national victory of our career, and that within three years, after we already in 2013 national Agen and Brive on our name. 
Who comes there now after our new stunt from Pau.

Think of it as new year's gift and also the motivation for the coming season 2016! 
An overview, a compose created by duivenfotografiedavy, from the first prize winners from the past season 2015 ...


(click on text or picture for the compose)

General champion 2015 ' the Eagle ' Rekkem

5 september 2015

After the last competition from Chateroux, the return time to look out for the Championships. The last months was the first published weekly for pigeons in the prices. These are the first known won championships by rekkem: ' the Eagle ' General champion long distance 2015 (4th time in the last 5 years!) 1st champion long distance yearlings 2 ° champion long distance old 6 ° champion long distance old. ...
2nd General champion Riddersclub, Flanders Pigeon Trophy winner most prices, Riddersclub, 2nd creterium champion of ACEs are as already known, the list still coming soon probably will be supplemented ...


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7 August 2015

It's a tradition this Championship, after about 6500 kilometers matches, each time ends in a millimeter sprint. The leader entering the final race from Libourne was Sauvage-Duran. A 1051é place delivered 8 points on. Was that sufficient? No so. Eventually it would not prove to be enough for a place on the podium. Chris hebberecht (Evergem) knew a 169é place with 43 points. Was that enough? Also here a negative answer. Joël Dupe knew his first drawn on a 94é place to clocks. The 46 associated points were just enough to be champion.


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After the provincial victory from Jarnac the week before, was returned the highest speed achieved. This time from Tulle (610 km) under the category yearlings. It was our yearling cock 'Noë' which this times the flowers home. 
'Noë' is a son from 'brother Agen' with 'Eva'. 'Brother Agen' is the own nest brother of 'Agen' (Agen-Bordeaux 2013 national winner). 'Eva', who is also with us a super fly hen was, than back a direct daughter from Patriarch 'As'


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Us 'Fabiola One' worried us the provincial victory from Jarnac and also a 3rd place at national level. 'Fabiola One' is a direct daughter of 'Cees' (1st National Brive old 2013) with 'Annelies' (2nd National La Soutteraine 2013).


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22 november 2014

On his four-year-old knew our age 'Harry' (direct son from 'AS' x 'Shakira') back a real super year! After his regional victory from Limoges on 547 pigeons, 3rd Prize from Cahors on 166 pigeons and his 28th national price on 3726 pigeons from Jarnac, he crowned the 8th best Belgian pigeon on the long distance KBDB 2014. As he shows off the 2nd place at the ACE pigeons on West-Flemish soil KBDB long distance old 2014! So will our 'Harry' the year 2015 back as one of of our loft.

(Click on the title for the pedigree and palmares)

August 22, 2013

In the meantime we took our 4th provincial victory of this season with our young 'Tina' BE13-3003116. We won the provincial race against 2795 young pigeons. She set down the 538,647 km long flight to 1302.29 m/min. With this victory she also won the zonal doubling in sector A1 against 2555 pigeons. In the Fondclub of Rekkem the counter now displays 6 wins at regional level.


(Click on the title for the pedigree and palmares)

July 26, 2013

The shape of the pigeons remained successful after several weeks. It was our 'Dos' who took care of the surprise this time. After the warm Narbonne (35 °C in France and severe thunderstorms in the north), we were able to obtain a podium place again.

Friday night around 17:48, about fifteen minutes before thunderstorms occurred, he fell like a bullet out of the air. Good for the 1st known dove in West Flanders. With a lead of more than one hour at provincial level, so he won the 3rd prize at the national yearlings.

"Dos" 3041845-2012 is the son of 'Biba' 3010152-2007 (who is also the father of wonderful 'Pycasso') and 'Jolien' 3082469-2010.


(Click on the title for the pedigree and palmares)

(Click on the title for the pedigree and palmares)

(Click on the title for the pedigree and palmares)

JOEL Verschoot - INGELMUNSTER: EX-AEQUO 1st National Brive 8337 OLD PIGEONS

July 22, 2013

Video clip can be found on Vimeo: click HERE!

July 13, 2013

After the stunts of the last two weekends, the unpredicted fell from the sky. This time, again a national victory, from the classic 'Brive. A difficult task (hot, with light NE wind) with a maximum speed of 1106.95 m/min.

Our 2 year old cock the 'Cees' and our 3-year old cock the "Jordi" provided the surprises. With a difference of nearly 7 minutes together, they arrived 1st and 5th National of a total of 8337 old pigeons. Our 'Cees' was also the fastest of the entire convoy. (15168 old pigeons and yearlings together)


(Click on the title for the pedigree and palmares)

July 6, 2013

Our 'Annelies' almost caused an unthinkable stunt. Who expects a place in the top three of the country again, a week after the national victory from Bordeaux-Agen? 'Annelies' was on lead for half an hour at the interim reports. Yet, we were still beaten. However we achieved a beautiful and sporty 2nd place!


(Click on the title for the pedigree and palmares)

June 30, 2013

A dream of every fan, gaining a national victory! A dream that came true last weekend. It was a yearling cock that got it done. After being two days extra in the basket, our dove plunged like a bullet towards the landing board. (Sunday evening at exactly 19h 45min 55sec). After exactly 11 hours and 5 minutes flight (781.153 km), he was remarkably fresh, and nothing lighter in weight or muscle. So he had "surplus" as they say in juicy West Flemish. With a speed of 1173.05 m/min, he was immediately the fastest yearling in the country, accounting for the first national victory of our colony. We had to postpone celebrations until we had the final confirmation of the national victory. After the telephone call, champagne bottles were uncorked!

It was our checkered cock BE12-3041931, now renamed the 'Agen' ('den Again' in our parlance) that may have signed for the stunt of the year. After a potential start including an 8th Clermont price of 337 yearlings, 20th Fontenay prize against 238 yearlings, and after a slightly lower performance in heavy middle long distance, he got ample opportunity to prove something further away from home. He got the opportunity to count the kilometers from Agen-Bordeaux. He really felt in his element. He was the first yearling released into the basket. He didn’t confound the trust reposed in him, with the known result!!

(Click on the title for the pedigree and palmares)

We got a visit from the West Flemish TV station WTV!

May 31, 2013

The spontaneous visit from the West Flemish TV station WTV - Focus on May 31, '13. A report on the poor spring weather and its impact on the pigeons. Take a look by clicking HERE.

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